Sitting on the Edge

As the only hearing child of very smart, profoundly deaf parents, I grew up learning to communicate with a language rich with signs and words. My mother was a fashion designer and pattern cutter, so my world was surrounded with pictures, design and making. Non-verbal communication was natural to me and became an important way to express myself and be heard.

My parents taught me that love and belief really does conquer all, no matter how challenging life can be. I had a sense of sitting on the edge, inhabiting a space between the hearing and deaf worlds. Although this was tough at times, occupying this space eventually gave me invaluable insights and experience. Sharing meaning and messages through my artwork is central to what keeps me learning, dreaming and making.

Life in Africa

My work is heavily influenced and inspired by the 10 years I spent living and working in South Africa.

Building a home there with my young family in the early 90’s fuelled a passion for the wilderness and seeing wild animals in their natural habitats. I founded a small art school, became an art consultant to blue chip companies coming into the newly emerging markets and co-founded a pioneering educational resource and school arts programme.

I also got an amazing opportunity to play a part in the country’s tumultuous history. SABC approached me to interpret for the deaf, live on tv, the whole process of Nelson Mandela winning the first democratic election in South African history. It was one of the most momentous defining moments of my life.

Our Fragile Earth

An important part of my story is raising awareness, highlighting and celebrating the delicate balance, co-dependencies and impact we have on our wild habitats, and the animals and plants that thrive within them.

My Fragile Earth series seeks to shine a light on our individual ability to respond positively and make even small changes that count and ensure we co-exist sustainably.

Connection and Meaning

Making, exhibiting and selling artwork has been the most consistent golden thread throughout my life. Exhibiting at independent art fairs has taken me to Art Miami, The Affordable Art Fairs in New York and London and the London Art Fair.

But, for me, art is about connecting people to the subjects, ideas and issues I want to share. By connecting important messages with beautiful images, I hope to inspire others to share that emotion, meaning and intention.