Skye Holland


2017 has been a year of seismic change – not just for me but for many people and the planet! Astrologers seem to have a lot to say about that but it does definitely feel that way. A lot of loss and hardship, but also clearing of what is not serving us and the creation of space for new wisdom. Sounds a bit woowoo, but there is too much synchronicity to ignore what feels universal and there’s been a huge amount of writing/blogging/talking/ted-talking, sharing and twittering to support this thinking.

How do artists make their work seem relevant at these moments? These are questions some artists ask, and I am one of them. We are ultimately all responsible for our own position and the things that we do or don’t say. Who sees our work and who gets to live with it. I no longer find it important to consider grand statements about what art is or isn’t. Art and marketing art has become big business – so we as creators need to engage with and consider what that means. For us personally but also how we fit into that business cycle and the first world commodification of what we do, willingly or with resistance.

It’s become more important to me to take a position and to try and make a difference, however microscopic. Climate change and the loss of wild and natural habitats through population growth, hunting and poaching has accelerated the threat of extinction of many wild animals, their territories and the communities who depend on them. This has given me a fresh impetus to make some of these issues central to my focus. I also want to make this work more affordable and accessible to a wider audience and am currently building a body of prints which can be purchased online. So please do watch this space!