Artseen Magazine Feature

Skye Holland | 14 September, 2021

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Artseen Magazine Feature

Featured in a podcast with The Curators Salon and in the first edition of Artseen Magazine.

Gita Joshi is a new wave London curator and gallerist.  She is creating fresh ways for emerging artists to be seen and heard outside of the traditional gallery system. 

Through education, mentoring, mindset growth, sharing emerging artist exhibition platforms, competitions and recently launching a new magazine “Artseen”, Gita strives to empower the artist as well as providing art lovers, buyers and other gallerists insights into artists’ stories and practice.

Through successive lockdowns in 2020/21, I found myself swimming in a new ocean of artists shifting their visibility and marketing online as exhibitions and gallery spaces were closed.   Some forever.  There has been a seismic shift in the traditional and hierarchical ways in which emerging artists can become visible. 

Telling my story, where influences and inspirations sprung from and the trajectory of my art career so far was as eye opening for me as it perhaps is for anyone who doesn’t know me or my work.   Of course, I knew the detail, but putting it all together in conversational style and describing a journey spanning 30 years connected all the dots.   See the link below if you’d like to kick back and listen!


I was honoured to be selected to appear in the first edition of Artseen Magazine earlier this year.   This features contemporary artists and artist and curator conversations, artists’ profiles, beautiful studio spaces and more (available on Amazon).  It’s a refreshing who’s who in the zoo and some insight into what’s happening on the art scene beyond gallery glass. 

Why should this be important?  Well, a lot of people who follow me on social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn are connecting with me.  Not just my art but who I am as an artist and a person behind the canvas and brushes.  The things I say and the work and ideas I share.  

This often inspires people to buy an artwork and have confidence in their choices.   It’s an endorsement and validation of my practice and significance in an artworld which can otherwise be overwhelming it’s so vast, varied and subjective.