Into the Deep

Into the Deep - Mixed Media

Mixed media painting on canvas (acrylics, graphite, powder pigment, diamond dust)

A more abstract-expressionist painting, inspired by the kelp forests of the southern tip of Africa and the way in which the sunlight filters through it (I spent ten years living and working in South Africa with my young family). More recently, I watched a Netflix documentary, the Octopus, my Teacher, and was so moved by the journey of a film maker who repaired his depression by diving into the kelp forest at Cape Point every day and his interaction with an Octopus. 

We are taught so much by nature and it has the ability to heal and inspire in equal measure. Sometimes, I’m just lost for words and it’s just an emotional response. Our oceans are precious and we need to respect and care for them.That’s what this painting is about. 

Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 5cm depth

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