Pink Leopard and Red Rose II

Pink Leopard and Red Rose II

About the Pink Leopard

Mixed media painting on archival paper (framed in black with archival circular mount)

Pink Leopard and Red Rose II is an original painting featuring in my Fragile Earth Series of circular artworks. In this series, I talk about our ever-shifting interaction with the natural and wild world and the delicate equilibrium or balance of our biome on which we all co-exist and depend.

The Leopard has been a particular subject of fascination due to it’s iconic appearance, the beautiful spot and distinctive spot markings which have singled it out as desirable both for it’s (now illegal) trophy hunting but also poaching for animal product trade.   The Leopard is also seen as a competitor by African farmers who find their livestock killed as prey…. Habitats and natural prey ever decreasing and dwindling.   Sadly, this means they are often shot, both for trophies and also in defending an income.   

In this painting, the Leopard is caught up in the cycle of birth, life, environmental threat, desire, death and regeneration.  The cultivated Rose is at odds with the wild indigenous species and also is deep red, a symbolic colour of life force, passion, love and anger.  There are threads of  connection as all life is in symbiosis and balance.   The message is hopeful if we choose for all to survive and thrive. Layers of delicate and transparent ink washes are built up with deeper and more opaque tones and mark-making, creating contrast and focus as well as depth.   The pop of pink adds a playful and contemporary feel to the work. 

This original paintings is also available as Giclée prints.

Dimensions: 77.5cm x 77.5cm

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