Equilibrium (Fragile Earth Series)

Ink painting on watercolour paper (framed pewter/black)

One of the first circular paintings in the fragile earth series, Equilibrium states itself…. The biome, the earth, the moon…. the ecosystems we inhabit and depend on being in balance.  The air we breathe, the beauty we see in nature and the cycles of birth, death and regeneration are all in existential threat as we continue to ravage our planet.  This piece reminds us of all that we may lose and all we should cherish.  


I use the e-sumi style of watercolour painting which is an eastern style of ink painting epitomised in the scroll paintings in China which depicted revered scenes of the natural world. The delicacy of the bleeds which create the fragile edges of the circles allow the final paintings to hang in suspension on the wall.  

Dimensions: 67 x 67 x 4cms

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