Sweet Chestnut Blossom (Fragile Earth Series)

Moving from metropolitan London to the depths of Wiltshire countryside in the summer of 2022 brought me back to beloved wild spaces and countryside.  Reconnecting in a direct way with flora and fauna and the stories all around me of survival and thriving or not is still at the core of my interest.   Also understanding how disconnected most of us are in busy lives just coping with what’s in front of us day to day makes me more than ever determined to gently probe, to investigate and to challenge with my artwork messages.

A huge and magnificent Chestnut Tree outside my studio windows burst into full blossom this July, a complete celebration of glorious abundance and the quest to reproduce itself.  A shower of tiny but perfect blossoms eventually rained down, an exquisite carpet of peach and scarlet.  I picked one up and marvelled at it’s perfection.  How many lengths to go to attract a pollinator.

Working in a painterly and expansive way I transferred the tiny to the bold, from micro to macro.   Taking the cues from nature who already had designed the perfect thing, I just added my marks and colours in abstract expressionistic style.


100 x 100 cms (circle) x 2.5cms deep

Oil on Canvas

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