Giclée Prints in limited editions

Giclée is an art print made with an ink jet printer using thehighestarchival-quality inks and surfaces. The word comes from French, meaning tospray, which is exactly what an ink jet printer does. The quality of a Gicléeprint is far superior to all other forms of reproduction printing.  The ink... Read more

Wild Series

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This series ofgiclée prints have been one of my most popular. Inspired by thepassage of time marked by full moons in the lockdowns of2021 when we were allforced to stay at home and in the garden.  The planes stopped flying, the roadswerequiet, the comeback of nature around cities and urban are... Read more

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Limited Edition fine art prints (etchings) 

The Emperor, hand-coloured and spot finished etching with gold leaf Edition of50, hand-signed and numbered.

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Open Edition

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