Flower Moon

Flower Moon Fragile Earth Series (sold - prints available)

About the Flower Moon

Flower Moon is an original painting featuring in my Fragile Earth Series of circular artworks (also available as archival fine signed giclée prints) 

In this series, I talk about our ever-shifting interaction with the natural and wild world and the delicate equilibrium or balance of our biome on which we all co-exist and depend.  During the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 around the world, people noticed a claw-back of nature, the silencing of traffic and the markers of time, particularly the beautiful moons.   I became intoxicaOrigted by the illumination of moons at night, the detail I could see because of the clearer air and what messages they were reflecting back to me on earth.  I also felt connection to all the ages of mankind who have stared up at the moon with wonder and the magic of it’s silvery light at night.

Flower Moon is so called because it appears in May, in Spring and I made this image with all the abundance I felt and saw during that time as well as an antidote to the confinement at home during this time in 2020 on my own. I sometimes use music to help me transition to a flow state and this painting was definitely a showcase of what was swimming around in my imagination. I have used a mix of acrylics and also oil pastel sticks, which are vibrant and leave an oily mark like the wax crayons we used as kids at school.  Immediate and a visceral response to everything going on at the time. Flower Moon features in the first edition of a contemporary art magazine called Art Seen, curated by London art curator, author and artists podcast interview series Gita Joshi.

NOTE: Original is Sold, please note that only prints are currently available. 

Dimensions:  105.5cm x 105.5cm (framed)

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