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Bite Size Art Classes

Hi there!

As a visual fine artist and art educator with a long career doing so many other things and transitioning through so many roles, I know a thing or two about what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and sometimes creatively starved or blocked. 

Or just found no “me” time to explore who you really are, what you think and feel or what you want to “say” – to discover your unique creative voice and be able to express it with confidence.

I’m on a mission to help you find moments to create, to learn to observe and really see.  To unlock a toolbox of techniques and tips which will give you step by step building blocks, a bit of art history and appreciation and confidence builders.  You will not recognise your first efforts and enjoy the journey.

It is my belief that everyone can learn to draw and drawing is the first stage of art mastery… whatever your preferred media in the end.

Once you learn to truly see and can interpret that into two or even three dimensions on paper or other media, then it’s like unlocking a window to your soul and ideas can be shared in an exciting and dynamic way.  It’s an unbelievable feeling and you’ll grow confidence and experience.

You deserve to unlock and nurture your creativity. 

Based in my studio in the beautiful chalky Nadder Valley just off the A30 in Wiltshire (and situated next to the wonderful Stalls Café), I offer 1:1 or small groups (up to 6) in 4-week block bookings. Sometimes I will take you out into the landscape, set up a group of objects to draw, study a live model or animal or set up a mirror for a self-portrait. You’ll get homework but also the community support of a private whatsapp and Facebook group. It’s all about teaching you to really look and to interpret what you see with techniques and skills you build up and practice. 

Skye Holland Art classes

How can we work together?

Subjects covered will depend on what level you are currently at and what you’re aiming for. It’s like flexing a muscle and gradually adding more weight… you grow stronger and gain experience and confidence.I’ll pitch the level to suit your current abilities and gently move you forward. 

We cover areas like media use and techniques, mark-making, composing an image, perspective, proportion, contrast and interest, colour, balance and interpretation. We look at the examples of work and techniques of other artists and the great masters. I also offer art career coaching and portfolio development for those seeking to apply to higher education art courses or art schools or are looking for a critique to help understand their way forward in an early art career. 

I can sometimes come to where you are or organise a special event.

Do you need individual teaching, help or mentoring through your creative journey or practice?  I offer hourly sessions either online or face to face in my studio. 

This can be super helpful if you feel stuck, fearful or just a bit lost with your art practice and direction.  Alternatively, this is useful if you’re building a portfolio and need support.  Or you might be finding a path in your artistic journey and just need some feedback and mentoring.  

Talk to me about what you need by dropping me a line and we can set up a call to suit us both.    

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Skye Holland Art testimonials

"I used to love art at school and then when I left, I forgot all about it until lockdown in March.  I thought “wouldn’t that be a great thing to come out of this, a new hobby which I could hopefully take forward and enjoy!

So when Skye came up with the launch of zoom art classes, I of course was the first to sign up.    It’s already been an amazing journey, from the very first ‘self-portrait’ which she asked us to draw on day #1 so that we could see how far we’d progressed over the weeks.

Skye has given us the confidence, techniques and imagination to really dive in and surprise ourselves!

I absolutely love my 10am log-ins on Sunday morning and know that I have an hour in which I can interact with the others in the group and be guided by the best tutor I know!  Thankyou Skye for being so inspiring and bringing my art journey to life!"

 - Fiona Brookes, 9.8.20.


Lockdown learning has been great fun with Skye.  The live online classes have been a great way to learn new techniques and try out different media.  Having individual feedback whilst you draw is invaluable and the tutorial videos in-between classes have been really useful.  Along with the Whatsapp group, where Skye shares great tips and where we all share our work.  It’s been a lovely way to start Sundays and it’s a fantastic supportive community!

- Sara Hill 9/20


I began Bite-Size Drawing with Skye in lockdown back in April 2020.  Art is something I have always dabbled in but not been confident developing on my own.  I thought receiving Feedback over zoom classes might make it too challenging to progress.  However, Skye expertly navigated everyone’s confidence levels and was able to offer specific, personalised feedback that benefitted us all. It was a comfortable space to work in, with an experienced artist who is honest and realistic but equally empathetic to those of us who doubt our abilities. As a result, I found myself progressing further than I expected and although I still scrutinise my efforts with a critical eye, Skye knows just how to pitch to my confidence with practical tips and positive enforcement.

- Dillie Baria, 11/20

Skye Holland Testimonials

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