Chestnut Yard Studios - Wiltshire

Dancing with the Moon II

Collagraph with Gold Leaf on archival paper, Artists Proof (framed, black)

The imprint of a twisting and flowing piece of muslin cloth is captured in black and white, details of the weave and threads are visible in amazing detail. I love the way the undulations and twists resembled landscape and the human form depending on which way up the artwork is seen. 

The placement of the goldleaf moon kissing the form creates a simple dialogue which is both of visual graphic contrast but also has a meditative zen quality. 

This work can be seen as a stand-alone artwork or side by side with Dancing with the Moon II or III to create a bigger “conversation” and flow, like a musical score or fabric caught in a cross wind.

Dimensions:  112.5 x 85 x 5.5 cm

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